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In the vast microbial universe inhabiting your mouth, most bacteria coexist harmlessly or even provide benefits. However, within this intricate ecosystem lies a group of troublemakers responsible for gingivitis and periodontitis — commonly referred to as gum disease.  Understanding the composition of oral bacteria empowers you to make dietary and oral healthcare adjustments, mitigating the risk of gum disease, decay, and tooth loss. At The Beverly Hills Center, Dr. Elbaz, our gum disease dentist, will help you understand your gum health and take proactive steps to optimize it. Stay vigilant for potential indicators of gum disease, such as:
  • Red or swollen gums
  • Easy bleeding
  • Chronic bad breath
  • A history of cavities
  • Autoimmune diseases
By addressing these signs promptly, we can safeguard your oral health and contribute to your overall well-being. Call (310) 274-0456 to learn more.
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Defeat gum disease and reclaim your radiant smile!

  • Discover the early signs of gum disease with Dr. Elbaz’s expertise
  • Craft a customized treatment roadmap for lasting oral wellness
  • Treat gum disease and embrace a lifetime of healthy smiles

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Our gum disease treatment options

Gum grafting

Tackle gum recession caused by aggressive brushing, smoking, or gum disease. With connective tissue grafting, we extract a small piece of soft tissue from your palate and graft it in front of the affected teeth.

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Pocket reduction surgery

Halt disease progression with osseous surgery. By removing diseased bone and gum tissue, we restore oral health. Experience in-office convenience and informative aftercare.

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Laser gum therapy

Receding gum tissue creates pockets for bacteria, causing infections. Our high-powered yet gentle laser clears infected gum tissue, restoring oral health. Experience the precision of this transformative treatment!

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Scaling & root planing

Gum disease leads to pocket formation around teeth and impacts the gums and underlying bone. To prevent further deterioration, our recommendation is this deep cleaning called scaling and root planing.

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FAQ about gum disease

Have further questions? We’re here to address your concerns. Contact us or call (310) 274-0456

Preventing gum disease begins with maintaining excellent oral healthcare practices. Stay proactive by attending biannual exams and cleanings, diligently brushing and flossing daily, and adopting a nutritious diet.

Gum disease can escalate rapidly if left untreated. If you suspect gum disease, don't delay — contact us promptly to address your concerns and initiate timely treatment. Your oral health is our priority!

Gum disease therapy may cause discomfort, but our team ensures your comfort with local anesthesia and sedation when necessary. We prioritize your well-being throughout the procedure.

The duration of gum disease therapy depends on its severity and recommended treatment. Scaling and root planing can often be completed in a single visit, while complex cases may require multiple appointments. We'll provide a personalized timeline based on your needs.

After gum disease therapy, expect mild discomfort, swelling, or minimal bleeding. Dr. Elbaz will provide detailed post-treatment instructions for optimal healing. We're here to support your recovery and achieve the best outcomes.

Ready to tackle gum disease and reclaim your healthy smile?