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I could not recommend Dr. Elbaz and his staff more! They are brilliant at what they do, and go above and beyond to put patients at ease. I am very anxious when it comes to anything dental-related and Dr. Elbaz has managed to make my extensive dental surgery feel like a breeze.

Sofia S.

I couldn’t say enough positive things about my experience as a patient with Dr. Elbaz.  I had a pretty involved surgical procedure…You will be in excellent hands and relieved that you made the right choice to improve your dental health with the best periodontist in Los Angeles.

Litz V.

This is the best place, not just in Beverly Hills, but in the whole country! The high knowledge and extremely well trained dr Elbaz, is world class. Besides, he is very gentle, caring and the top periodontist in the country. I was extremely happy after leaving his clinic and took my daughter, after.

Mira K.

I have dreaded going to the dentist since as long as I can remember…Dr. Elbaz alleviated my anxiety the minute I stepped into his office…He is the first dentist i can honestly say I looked forward to see. Thank you so much, Dr. Elbaz & staff– you all are a gift to this world!

Diego M.

Dr Elbaz is the very best periodontist I have ever been to. 5 Star is not enough to describe the quality of his work. He is very calm, warm and reassuring. He always takes his time to make sure you understand the procedures. He checks that you are not in pain, and has a very light touch when he operates.

Chris M.

Dr. Elbaz is wonderful! I had laser gum surgery and every step of the process was handled with total care and professionalism by him and the members of his amazing staff. I honestly can’t recommend him enough. And my teeth look and feel awesome!!!

Chris M.

If you most go to a periodontist, Dr. Jean-Jacques Elbaz is the one to see…Dr. Elbaz has that wonderful – and all too rare – balance of a skilled and talented consummate professional, along with the warmth and compassion that makes for an extremely pleasant bedside manner.

Ira H.

I got a gum graft this week and was pretty nervous about it but Dr. Elbaz and his staff made the procedure very comfortable and painless. He even called me later that day to see how I was feeling. Dr. Elbaz is such a kind and warm person you will be so happy you found a doctor that really cares and wants to help you.

Grave B.

This guy is top notch, and one of the most skilled yet genuinely nice doctors that I have ever encountered. I went in this past Monday to get a procedure done, and it was literally PAINLESS. Getting my eyebrows waxed hurts more than Dr. Elbaz cutting off my gums!!!!

Ashley M.

1. I’ve been to a fair amount of dentists in my life but none quite like Dr. Elbaz. Everything about this office is first class. I’ve been suffering from severe periodontitis from an early age but after seeing the hygienists at Dr. Elbaz’s office I finally started to notice an overall improvement in my oral health!

S. O.



I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Elbaz as my periodontist for about 20 years. He is the best dentist—truly professional, kind, and caring, including his staff. I would recommend this dental practice to anyone.

Sarah J.

The best dentist! Dr. Elbaz is genuinely kind and caring. His work is very professional and he will give you the end result you were looking for. I usually hate going to dentists but with Dr. Elbaz I felt absolutely no pain (and his jokes diverted my attention from any dental procedure).

Nada H.

In addition to being a genuinely great guy, Elbaz is simply as good as you will find anywhere for complex dental procedures. His staff is beyond professional, his equipment is state of the art, and the outcome of his work will leaving a lasting positive impression on you.

David S.

Dr Elbaz is extremely kind and knowledgable . He truly does the best for his patient in the very elegant and soothing music ambient. It’s almost like being at the spa.

Mira K.



I couldn’t say enough positive things about my experience as a patient with Dr. Elbaz. I had a pretty involved surgical procedure that involved removing a malfunctioning implant and adding a bone graft. Dr. Elbaz numbed the area pretty well so there was never any pain or discomfort.

Litz V.

Dr Elbaz is a fabulous periodontist. He not only has a very light touch and makes every effort to assure that you are NEVER in pain, with excellent results, but he also is a very warm and pleasant person to be around. I cannot recommend him enough and I have been his patient for over 20 years!

Christine M.

Let us begin with the fact that I am not a great dental patient, I am very fearful of any procedure concerning my teeth…I can’t say enough about the quality of the work here. His knowledge shines like a beacon. Dr. Elbaz kindly and gently finished the complex procedure without pain.

Sadie N.

5 stars on all accounts! Dr Elbaz is a wonderful professional and a gentleman, surrounded with a team of great competence. The equipment is top notch too! I would never go anywhere else and recommend it to everyone who want to enjoy her/his trip to the dentist!

Pascal L.

I went to Dr. Elbaz because a dental implant had failed and needed to be removed…Dr. Elbaz was able to numb the area, which was just under my nose and I did not feel anything. I was so very happy that I was able to make it through the procedure without experiencing any pain. Thank you Dr. Elbaz!

Stephanie F.

Dr. Elbaz is truly the best periodontist based upon his impeccable credentials, years of experience, fantastic staff, and beautiful and relaxing office environment. I had gum grafting done by Dr. Elbaz, and he takes extraordinary efforts to make sure that the procedure is comfortable and that the healing goes smoothly.

Michael G.

Amazing experience. Both Dr.Elbaz and his hygienists are beyond qualified. Dr.Elbaz is a very conservative Periodontist. Saw Dr.Elbaz for a second opinion. He not only exceeded my expectations as a doctor, but the work he did in my mouth came out beautiful.

Olivia G.

As soon as I was brought back to the room, the assistant was so kind and caring and made sure I was comfortable – offering the massage on the chair! I was beyond impressed, never had that offered at ANY dental office before!

L. Lopez


National Dental

I know Dr.Elbaz for about 20 years. I always felt safe and I was always satisfied with the services. Dr. Elbaz and his staff are kind, caring and friendly! I recommend his services to all the people I know. In my opinion, Dr. Elbaz is truly an amazing dentist!

Jane N.

I was referred to Dr. Elbaz by my General Dentist of 20+ years, who has never sent me to anyone other than The Best, and Dr. Elbaz is another fabulous referral and now my new permanent Periodontist.

Robert P.

The office staff couldn’t have been nicer, the environment couldn’t have been more welcoming, and the professional technicians were flawless! Overall a wonderful experience.

Valerie L.

I feel completely safe going through any dental procedures, this has never happened to me in other places. He is the best dentist—always professional, kind, and caring, including his staff. I would recommend this dental practice to anyone.

Sarah J.

I always look forward to my visits at the practice of Dr Elbaz. The decor is very welcoming with gorgeous displays of white orchids and warm lights. Dr Elbaz is the most professional, kindest, patient and the most thoughtful dentist I have ever been to.

Christine M.

I have been going to Dr. Elbaz for many years. He is by far the best dentist I’ve ever had. He is highly skilled and his work is meticulous. His chair side manner is unmatched. The office is beautiful, and immaculate with state of the art equipment.

Tara R.

All dentists are not the same. Dr. Elbaz can do procedures that other dentists may not be able to do. In my case, I am amazed that he can eliminate decay that is under the crown and under the gum line. This is a miracle.

Marlene G.

Fabulous experience. It’s the first time in my life I was happy and safe at a dentist’s office. The ambience was wonderful and the staff and doctor are exceptional. It was a great experience.

Hazel W.

Dr. Elbaz and his staff are kind and thoughtful. The office is beautiful gives off a calming, spa like vibe. His explanations of the procedures he will perform are clear and concise. He takes as much time to explain the procedures as needed for me to understand and feel comfortable. Best of all, his work is sheer perfection.

Debbie L.

Dr. Elbaz is always the perfect blend of professional and personable. He addressed any concerns and outlined a plan of action regarding treatment and prevention of future trouble spots. No doubt I will be seeing him again soon and with very little anxiety about my dental care.

Darren R.



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