Safe Mercury Removal

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What is Safe Mercury Removal?

The safe mercury amalgam removal technique (SMART) is a procedure that is done for patients who have old silver fillings. Because amalgam fillings are quickly becoming obsolete, many of our patients are looking for ways to remove them safely. We offer this procedure in our office using the very latest in technology to ensure that the fillings are removed according to protocol. We can then replace these fillings with composite resin ones that better match your smile.

Why is Safe Mercury Removal needed?

It’s been found that all amalgam fillings contain nearly 50 percent of mercury. This mercury can leak over time and with regular brushing, flossing, clenching or even eating and drinking. Mercury vapor that is caused by these activities can be harmful to the patient, and can even be detrimental to the health of the fetus of pregnant patients. For this reason, we often recommend to our patients that they have their old amalgam fillings removed and replaced as soon as possible.
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Who is a candidate for Safe Mercury Removal?

If you have amalgam fillings in your mouth right now, you’re already a good candidate to have them removed. These types of fillings are quickly becoming obsolete, but many offices still use them on a regular basis. They are often thought of as a cheaper alternative when compared to other filling materials, but many patients eventually suffering from taking the more frugal route. Removing old amalgam fillings is easy and can be quickly done in the office.

What happens during the Safe Mercury Removal process?

The procedure will begin by preparing the room for proper filtration and air circulation. We will then ensure that you are wearing the proper protective equipment so that you are not exposed to mercury vapors while the fillings are removed. A dental dam is placed over the tooth and an anesthetic used to numb the area. We then remove the filling and properly dispose of any pieces that fall away. You will be instructed to rinse with a charcoal solution to help absorb any residual mercury in the mouth. We then place the new composite resin filling during a typical filling procedure.

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If you have amalgam (metal) fillings and would like to have them removed, call our office today so that we can help schedule you with an appointment.